BounceKing™ has been supplying trampolines to the retail market in South Africa since 1981, and our trampolines are sourced from established manufacturers who are ISO 9001 certified.

Available at Game and Makro stores nation-wide, with access to spares throughout the country – BounceKing™ offers you the best VALUE and QUALITY for trampolining fun in South Africa!

All our new trampolines and trampoline accessories have passed independent testing and are EN certified – with BounceKing™ having established a newly re-designed safety net – this provides additional safety to you and your children.

If you’re looking for spares to put the ‘bounce’ back in your trampoline, please contact us directly. No matter how old your BounceKing™ trampoline is, we’ll be sure to help you!

The ‘fun-for-all’ BounceKing range comprises of the following trampolines:

BounceKing™ 8 ft

Trampoline Combo

BounceKing™ 10 ft

Trampoline Combo

BounceKing™ 14 ft

Trampoline Combo

BounceKing™ 12 ft

Trampoline Combo

Apart from being crowned ‘highest jumper’ by their peers – trampolines have great learning benefits for kids as it teaches muscle control and coordination resulting in improved learning abilities. This great and fun workout additionally forces the brain to function bilaterally as the little ones jump up and down into the air – focusing on balance and refining their fine motor skills.

Not only does this give kids some time away from the screens of gadgets, televisions and computers – in doing so, it strengthens and lengthens muscles and improves flexibility and posture.

The best physical fitness package for any child!

Before deciding on the size of your new BounceKing™ trampoline, please ensure that your garden has appropriate level space to ensure safety for the children using it. Size is measured across the outer perimeters of the frame, so a ‘12ft (3.66m) trampoline’ has a bounce area of 10ft (3.04m) to allow for the width of the pads. A 10ft (3.04m) one has just 8ft (2.43m) diameter of bounce area and so forth.

For more tips on how to choose your trampoline, please visit our BUYERS GUIDE.


We have an extensive service infrastructure throughout the country and keep spares of all models in stock, including ladders, nets, springs and mats. No matter how old your current Bounceking™ trampoline is, just contact our Service Centre or our Spares & Repairs page and we will be able to assist you with any spare parts or accessories that you need to continue the fun on a Bounceking™ trampoline.